Back from Thailand

I made it back safe and sound from a wonderful trip to Thailand. Chang Mai is great. Everytime I go I don’t want to return. The only downside was the actual flight to and from Taipei. No fun at all. Mandarin Airlines has the only direct flight to Chiang Mai and they primarily serve group tour companies. If you have travelled on flights with Taiwanese tour groups you will understand why it could be annoying. If you haven’t, just take my advice and avoid these routes.

School and Travel

I received word today that I have been accepted to the M.A. program at National Chiao Tung University. I think I am the first English native speaker in the program I have enrolled. It’s a great opportunity but a daunting challenge.

I leave for Chiang Mai early tomorrow morning. Its the annual Chinese New Year pilgrimage to anywhere other than Hsinchu. Should be a fun trip. Spending some time trekking through the northern part of the province and taking a Thai cooking course. Of course no trip to Thailand would be compete without a few sessions of the tortuous local massage. Be back on the 16th.