iPod Chair Man

A fun way to hold your iPod after “a long day of being hauled around”. The feet are actually small speakers which allow you to plug in your iPod and listen to your child’s favourite audible story or simple sing-a-long songs. I mention voice recordings because these speakers certainly won’t produce high fidelity sound but will look great on a night stand where they can faithfully tell stories every night. Available from Brightonnet. Found via PopGadget.

Paulina Quintana Long Sleeve Onesie and Hat Set

I get tired of the choices I find for baby clothes around our city. This is especially true for new born onesies and hats where all the choices play it safe with colours being either pink or blue. We managed to find green without much effort but not much else. Much of the time I either have to fly to Bangkok, where there are some really great local designers selling very inexpensive high quality product, or order via the internet. This Onesie and Hat Set from L.A. designer Paulina Quintana comes with “beautiful deep tone on tone color available in Tangerine/Red, Avocado/Kiwi and new Purple/Fuchsia”. Size 3-6 months. Available from Mod Mama for $32.00US.

Hospital WiFi

If there ever was an ideal location to have an open access wifi it is a hospital. This is one of the pleasant surprises that I’ve had with MacKay Memorial Hospital in Hsinchu this time around. Doctors like many professionals have a language all their own so having immediate and reliable access to information when you are trying to make health decisions is invaluable. Usually I do this whenever any kind of medication is prescribed as I want to understand what the medicine is and want to forgo any mistakes due to miscommunication. Of course a really fun part of having wireless internet here is that with my Powerbook and iSight camera we can have live video broadcasts/chats direct from our room. This allows our extended family around the world to share just a bit more of the experience. Kudos to MacKay Memorial.

Pax-Max Duo Bike

With a growing family and a love of riding bikes (though it’s so hard to do this in Asia) this cool dutch bike lets you take along two of your little ones.
“The frame is galvanized and powder coated. Galvanizing prevents rust.
The Pack-Max Duo is the enlarged version of the Pack-Max: the back wheel is placed further backwards to enlarge the back rack. The rack is extremely stable and can carry heavy weights.
Again, this model is very sturdy because of the crossed frame with double tubes. The weight of the loading on the rack is carried by the frame to prevent neck and shoulder troubles.
You can transport three children on this bike: one in the front seat and two children (aged 2 – 8) in the back seats. The spacious back seats also leave sufficient space for the knees.”
Prices starting at 995 Euro.

Hello World!

Introducing Camren MacLeod, born 13:58 February 27th, 2006 weighing 4.46 kilos. We are “100” (good) as they say here – a girl first and now a boy. A very happy and exhausting time. It doesn’t get better.
Again the staff at Hsinchu’s MacKay Memorial Hospital have been great. Quite recommended if you are sentenced to work in this city and decide to deliver your baby here. This is why there has been a large gap in my writing here on Minzoo.