Accomplishment stuffing

“Hello, I’m an accomplished, multi-award-winning podcast producer known for creating captivating audio content for such famous shows as ….”

One of the trends I’ve noticed lately—well, maybe not a trend, as I’m sure it’s always been common—is listing all possible accomplishments in a self-introduction or description of a show. It always makes me smile, but then it leaves me wondering: If this is the way people promote their work and themselves, should we be doing it too? (The above was from a speaker’s introduction at Podcast Powerup.)

I notice it in podcast descriptions, like “multi-award nominated … show” quite often.

In our latest ads, we had written by Jaime Lee Mann for Sleep Tight Stories. She started with the line, “Sleep Tight Stories is a calming bedtime podcast with more than 60 million downloads.” I rejected it immediately. Aren’t our quantitative accomplishments irrelevant? But other shows mention these facts as a matter of course.

Perhaps this is a matter of personality. We prefer to keep quiet, which might be the antithesis of everyone else’s strategy for building a small business.

I’ve experimented with sharing what we are up to and what we have done – to see how it makes us feel. Getting some recognition is important, especially with all the time and effort we put into our work. I just can’t imagine sharing everything I know or have done each and every chance I get.