Sleep Thief Onesie

No one tells you just how much sleep you lose when you add a second child to your family. I don’t think I have had a good nights sleep in over a month. Though it’s all part of the joys of parenting, that doesn’t mean we can’t have a little good natured fun with our son for robbing us of our sleep. This funny long-sleeved onesie, jailbird striped with a ‘Sleep Thief’ screenprint across the chest, is available at babystyle for $42.00US. I think I just have to buy one before he grows out of the habit.

Autumn Patchwork Crewneck

I have a hard time getting into all the feminine clothing my daughter has (some that the in-laws have sent are pretty far from my tastes too). I just don’t know how to mix and match all the frilly stuff she wears. So when it comes time to dress her in the mornings I rely on tops like this as much as possible. “This whimsical screen printed crewneck features a swirl of autumn leaves and blossoms on the softest brushed french rib. A contoured hem gives the style a graceful and feminine feel.” Having a selection of clothes like this on hand certainly saves me time in the morning. You purchase this for $28.00US from Zutano.

Paulina Quintana Long Sleeve Onesie and Hat Set

I get tired of the choices I find for baby clothes around our city. This is especially true for new born onesies and hats where all the choices play it safe with colours being either pink or blue. We managed to find green without much effort but not much else. Much of the time I either have to fly to Bangkok, where there are some really great local designers selling very inexpensive high quality product, or order via the internet. This Onesie and Hat Set from L.A. designer Paulina Quintana comes with “beautiful deep tone on tone color available in Tangerine/Red, Avocado/Kiwi and new Purple/Fuchsia”. Size 3-6 months. Available from Mod Mama for $32.00US.

Velour Animal Hat

One of the items of clothing that my daughter loves is hats and I’m glad as there are so many wonderful examples to choose from. I think they are a fun , practical, extension of personality that we lose as we get older in favor of the boring baseball cap. This hat with the penguin head on top is very well made in Sweden of velvety soft velour. The hat is large enough to fit children over 2 yrs and supposedly most adults. I’m pretty sure it won’t fit my big head, which is a shame because I am sure it would give my daughter a great thrill if I wore one with her. You can buy it for $20.00US at Zebra Hall.

Please Do Not Touch Baby T-shirt

When you have a young baby in a country without many western babies you are often met with adoration, photo opportunities, finger pointing, and lots of uninvited touching. I’m cool to it except when it goes on for hours at a time or if their is a SARS outbreak like their was when my daughter was born. It’s at these times I start to lose my friendly pooh bear demeanor and become more like Eeyore. Instead of letting it ruin my day perhaps this “please do not touch” baby t-shirt will help, except that few people understand English enough to pay attention. It’s a good attempt all the same. $20.00US from moss.

Hockey Night in Canada Red Infant Huggy

Just because your baby is only 6 months old doesn’t mean she/he won’t appreciate an afternoon of Hockey Night in Canada reruns on DVD. You have to start them early. Turn the air conditioner on high, wear some thick socks, scarf, and woolen hat and it will feel just like home. I should have combined this with the other bit of CBC couture but it deserved some love all on it’s own. $24.99CAN at the CBC shop.

CBC Baby Varsity Romper

I still get gifts from home with little bits of Canadian couture emblazened on the front – usually university, beer, and CBC logos. I think it’s my family’s way of reminding me to get the hell home and stop living the life of an expat. I do miss CBC radio and have yet to find a substitute in Asia. This Romper is available in sizes from 3 – 12 months for $15.99CAN at the CBC shop.

Swirl Syndicate Intercontinental Tshirt

“This collection of tongue-in-cheek tees is meant to take the taboo out of the race topic and celebrate the beauty of having a rich mixed heritage.” I think this Tee is a wonderful fit for my daughter who was born in Taiwan, is Canadian, is being raised in Asia, and will likely see more of this world than I will ever hope to. The Swirl Syndicate shirts are a wonderful set of humorous Tees for our kids. $25.00US in a variety of sizes.

Chinese Zodiac Onesies

I’ve been looking for unique onesies lately – the standard Pooh Bear fare around here just isn’t that fun. So, this being the year of the dog what better way to get in the spirit than with a year of the dog onesie. I remember when it was a supposed “good year” to have children how all the married couples were constantly tired (but happy) in my office. The Chinese have all the fun. These are 100% cotton and printed on American Apparel.$18.00US.