Smoy PhotoCuff

Most of us carry a photo or 2 of our children wherever we go. For me that means a selection on my mobile phone and a large book of photos for longer trips. Why not wear your pride and carry your photos on a fashionable Smoy PhotoCuff? Brooklyn designer Spencer Moy has created a laser-cut vinyl “bracelet” that you can easily slip your favorite photos into. The SOHO 4 Photo Cuff holds 4 photos and is available in pink, mint, lavendar, cream, and blue. The cuffs cost $20.00US for the SOHO 4 and between $17 and $28.00US for the others. You can buy them on Spencer Moy’s site.

Nanny Deprived Long Sleeve Tee

We are quite lucky to have a great day time nanny who has become our daughter’s second family. Having someone else look after your child while you work is as common as air but that doesn’t make it any less difficult. Dimples and Dandelions collection of long and short sleeved Tee’s help keep a smile on mom’s face while serving as great conversation starters when a grown-up approaches. The product descriptions are pretty funny too. 100% heavy weight cotton and embroidered with mesh interfacing on the inside of the shirt to insure comfort and stability. $38.00US at Dimples and Dandelions.

Pia Wallen Unisex Felt Slippers

One of the ironies of living where we do is just how cold the house feels in winter. Though the temperature never dips below 10˚C on the coldest of days, the concrete flooring and dampness make it feel much worse. So when it’s time to get up in the middle of the night (many times through the night) these Pia Wallen felt slippers will keep your feet warm and comfortable. Made from 100% wool with a rubber textured sole. From Sweden with love. $59.00US at Modern Seed.