Italia Font

I’ve been using Italia as the display and logotype for a weblog cum magazine that I have been working on recently. I like the shape of the letters at large sizes but the capital T is a bit wonky or perhaps simply unique. At small sizes the T has a cliché Asian look about it which actually fits in with the theme that is being used. I like unique square typefaces like this. Here is what and linotype have to say about the typeface.
“Italia font is the work of Colin Brignall, a refreshingly different serif typeface. At first glance, Italia might seem comparable to any other square serif typeface, but it has a distinctive pattern all its own. Italia font can be used as either a display or text font and will give any text a unique look.” (Linotype)
“The Italia font family was designed for Letraset in 1974 and licenced to ITC in 1977. Italia was based on the Jenson Old Style of American Type Founders, cut circa 1893. This in turn had been based on the fifteenth century letters of Nicolas Jenson. With little contrast between thick and thin strokes, Italia is a fairly heavy face, best suited to display and advertising work.” (
Italia™ Font Family

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