Personal websites

I often comment to colleagues about how I love personal web sites. The freedom to design and create something for yourself coupled with the ease of publishing on the web is a powerful thing. Sometimes you find web sites that just click with you. Cyn’s web site is one of those for me. Cyn reveals so much of her personal life (with limits) that sometimes I feel like some kind of weird snoop. That aside following the stories of her and her husband ‘m’ is much like a soap opera with no bad endings. It’s an entertaining read.

While I have absolutely no idea what is actually being said on her web site Anita deserves cudos for her shear enthusiasm. No other colleague I work with devote so much energy to personal web projects. I look forward to helping her with her planned redesign.

Also recommended: Reinvented, acts of volition, and the very popular Harrumph!.