Real Simple Website

I have for a long time been a fan of Real Simple, not so much for the content, but simply for the overall design of the magazine. The colors, typography, photographs, and their generous use of “white” really agree with my design sensibilities. It’s a very comfortable and warm publication.
I revisited their web site recently and while it certainly loses some of the design sensibility that attracted me to their print publication they embrace the medium well by providing content – lots of content. In fact I think they have put all of their print publication online. This is nothing ground breaking but they strike a nice balance – they aren’t a like all those other lifestyle portals who look for a million different ways to “monetize eyeballs” and thankfully they aren’t a weblog (or yet another web 2.0 app.).
So I would buy the print version simply for the experience of reading the content while I will visit web site again to be able to find the content.
It’s worth your time to visit – Real Simple.

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