Style Wars

“In Make in Bigger, Scher candidly reveals her thoughts on design practice, drawing on her own experiences as one of the leading designers in the United States, and possibly the most famous female graphic designer in the world. Pointed and funny, it is an instructive guide for all those who navigate the difficult path between clients, employees, corporate structures, artists, and design professionals…”
” The rapid growth of the design industry and the introduction of desktop publishing in the eighties precipitated an equally rapid lifecycle for design styles. Designs appeared dated in astonishingly short order. It was easy for a designer to be considered “good” by his peers for five years, harder for ten, nearly impossible for fifteen. To maintain any creative longevity a designer today must reinvent his or her work every five years. This does not mean simply changing style. It means reassessing one’s approach — again, design is an art of planning — and finding a way that is new yet still reflects on one’s core ethic and aesthetic. This entails a reevaluation of one’s visual vocabulary, new technologies, the cultural zeitgeist, and the scale on which one works. Reinvention is personal growth.”
Link: Style Wars: Paula Scher