Sheryl Sharing Stories

Starting this Monday past at 10am AST (GMT-3) and continuing at the same time all week, Sheryl will be reading some of her favourite story books on the Sleep Tight Stories Facebook page. Suitable for kids in elementary school or older, our hope was that this might prove useful as kids are in isolation at home or may have limited contact with their English teacher. Listening to stories may also help children understand change, and new or frightening events, and also the strong emotions that can go along with them. Also, it can be fun.

Some suggested at home activities to try after listening to the story (or any story):
– draw a picture or pictures representing the story
– tell someone about the story, and/or
– try to write something about the story

Each session will be short and will either be pre-recorded or live. Our first 2 sessions were live, one of which ignored the fact that Facebook forces you to position the camera in portrait mode – so viewers had to tilt their devices or their heads to view properly.

There are a multitude of resources that parents can access to allow their kids to continue learning and using their imaginations while staying home from school, and away from their friends. Perhaps these videos might be a useful addition to their playlists.