This past week has been one of contrasts.

We recently invested in having Jaime Lee Mann write copy for us. The impetus was an ad run we are contracted to have for our Sleep Tight Stories show. And, I thought, wouldn’t it be great to have a writer lead how we move our efforts forward, by writing copy that identifies what we do. Often, product development is engineering-led or, in enlightened organizations, design-led. It makes sense for us to have words lead the way forward; she has a great imagination.

Jaime is a professional through and through and great to work with. She genuinely cares and is a nice person, to boot.

The others we work with could learn a lot from her.

To them, an agreement and pay schedule are but a guide. There is zero communication and regular mishaps. The latest is an ad running across all our shows that we didn’t approve. It’s loud, doesn’t identify as an ad, and is entirely out of character for our show.

When you work with someone as great as Jaime, you sleep at night comforted that someone you work with cares about the end result. Last night was an anxiety-riddled half-sleep, with me worrying about how our shows would be ruined tomorrow.

Big company’s ≠ professionalism.