The invisible podcast ad campaign

The 2nd of May marked the start of our first campaign to promote Sleep Tight Stories. While there was a wild disconnect between the dizzying dollar amount and impressions assigned to the campaign, we have never been able to do any significant promotion like this until now. We had high hopes for its success.

We prepared copy and spent hours producing audio spots for network and broadcast.

In the past, we were featured on Spotify in Australia and mentioned in a Canadian tech newsletter, which gave us a significant uptick in these regions.

It may still be early for this campaign, but our numbers are way down, not up. Either the campaign is not running as we have been told, or this is somehow staving off our disappearance from Apple Podcasts. It’s pretty disappointing.

Our goal this year is to broaden our focus beyond podcasting to include different platforms, including print, and introduce new products altogether. This is both to diversify our income and improve my mental health. There is no denying that without Sleep Tight Stories, these other efforts will become increasingly difficult.