I’ve taken some time to think instead of do. I like to dream, and according to my elementary school teachers I had a real talent for dreaming in class.

So, I have been dreaming up new ways to frame our activity to make it a sustainable source of fun and income until that inevitable day of cognitive decline arrives.

Ego gets in the way. I can’t just publish a kid’s podcast. I must publish five all by myself. I can’t just publish five podcasts; I must also publish a bunch of books with toys and other things. We will keep it tight and tidy, but we need some help to do so. So, I have been reaching out to people.

I am admittedly very cheap, and other than coffee, I find everything overpriced. Except it seems my time. That I have learned is grossly underpriced.

The plus side of selling yourself cheap is that it may open you up to all kinds of opportunities you might not have otherwise considered, like creating audio for kids. The negative is that you are poor.