10 Fun Ways To Get Your Children to Eat Healthier

I don’t think we have much of a problem with this yet. Catriona tends to like the right foods, isn’t too fussy about meat, and can’t stand “yucky bubbles” (soda). For the most part she is an active and healthy young girl. This in contrast to the couple we had lunch with who were bribing their daughter with chocolate so she would eat her french fries. An article on Interactive Dad gives us 10 Fun Ways To Get Your Children to Eat Healthier. Advice we could all listen to.
“Parents and caregivers have the responsibility to introduce healthy food choices to young children. Children learn from the meals you offer, the way you serve food, the way you shop, and the examples you set. They develop habits early that, once learned, can last a lifetime. So it’s never too early to make a change. It’s important to take every opportunity to promote a healthy active lifestyle.”

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