How to Run Errands with Kids at Your Side

I’ve never had much of a problem with this. In fact in this country bringing my daughter along is an asset to getting things done. There are times of course when some errands are best done with the kids at home but it’s mostly a matter of adjusting or compensating. If I get groceries with my daughter it means I can’t get as much or if I need to go downtown to a shop it means giving myself extra time. These suggestions from Modern Mom readers might give you some ideas if you find this difficult.
One of the suggestions: “… I park my toddlers on the carpeted floor with a mini-DVD player we bring with us. “. Don’t kids get enough TV? How about teaching our kids to sit quietly and read? I know TV is a great tool for us because our daughter watches so little of it she becomes completely mesmerized by the whole experience when she does.

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