The Intellicot concept has received a great deal of exposure of late, most of which was surprisingly positive. Designed by four male designers who would appear to have never had children themselves, this cold monstrosity has all the features the modern parent, who wants to distance themselves from their babies, could desire. These features include:
Video monitoring so you don’t actually have to be in the same room as your child; automatic rocking to eliminate that tiresome task of rocking your child to sleep – let the machine do it; the motorized raising system seems a useful way to alleviate back pain but I wonder if it would be better to simply exercise; and a safety window which eliminates “prison style bars” with a fish tank/science experiment approach (I’m sure babies don’t have the concept of prison bars). Perhaps they need to go start over and integrate some of these features in a warm baby-centered design. The original sketch looked much better than the end result.

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