AllyZabba Blanket

Blankets seem to be one of those items you never have to buy – at least we haven’t. They have been a popular and appreciated gift for both our children. If you can you will want to convince, wink, nudge, your family and friends to purchase this one for you. This blanket looks it might be the softest blanket you will ever receive. Perhaps get two – one for you and your baby to share. Why shoudl babies have all the fun? The AllyZabba baby blanket is silky polyester satin on one side, microfiber plush on the other. It comes in Coral, Kiwi, or Aqua, and each blanket has the same retro-dot pattern on the back. Machine washable. $59.95US from AllyZabba. Enter code “special10” during checkout and you can receive 10% off your entire order. Expires the end of May.

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