Pax-Max Duo Bike

With a growing family and a love of riding bikes (though it’s so hard to do this in Asia) this cool dutch bike lets you take along two of your little ones.
“The frame is galvanized and powder coated. Galvanizing prevents rust.
The Pack-Max Duo is the enlarged version of the Pack-Max: the back wheel is placed further backwards to enlarge the back rack. The rack is extremely stable and can carry heavy weights.
Again, this model is very sturdy because of the crossed frame with double tubes. The weight of the loading on the rack is carried by the frame to prevent neck and shoulder troubles.
You can transport three children on this bike: one in the front seat and two children (aged 2 – 8) in the back seats. The spacious back seats also leave sufficient space for the knees.”
Prices starting at 995 Euro.