Stove Interface Improvement

I don’t think I have bought an appliance in Taiwan that has lasted for any real length of time. The only appliance that has last is the cheap Proton 21″ TV we bought in Taipei 8 years ago for a measly 7000NT$. We are on our third toaster oven and so far I am not too thrilled with it. Is there any device lower on your list of items that you have to buy? Other than a basic problem of not being hot enough this stove could use a little improvement in it’s interface. The middle dial that you see highlighted in the photograph above is prone to all kinds of errors. Though the nipple on the dial is a nice tactile addition to the interface, when you have a dial that turns 360º it is helpful to have a high contrast visual indication of it’s state. Something that that similar colored nipple didn’t do. A simple rough dab of red paint will suffice, thereby improving the interface and reducing the frustration of thinking you had all the burners on, when in reality you didn’t.
I have noticed lately that allot of appliances manufactured abroad have stamps on them that state “Taiwan Only”. Does this indicate that they send all their crap here while leaving the products up to standard for the Japanese and American markets?

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