Big Spiders

I have just discovered the most evil looking spider I have ever seen.
Taiwan has some fairly large spiders which when encountered for the first time scared the hell out of me. When we first moved into this house we killed about six of the brown huntsman variety which are reputed to be expert cockroach killers. So last week when I saw one I let it be thinking that it would help with keeping the cockroaches away. I had seen a couple cockroaches in the house so I thought it made sense. Now this spider I saw last week was big, many times larger than anything you see in Atlantic Canada, but whatever is lurking downstairs at the moment looks like it may have eaten that one for a snack. It’s eyes glowed green and it’s body was huge.
Unfortunately I can’t have a creature like that in my house. I’m 84kgs in weight, 185cm tall, and I am terrified of spiders. In this death match that is about to ensue I hope I come out the victor, if not, please tell my family I love them.