I Love This Car (Peugeot 205CJ)

Peugeot 205CJSpotted in a overpass parking space was this lovely red convertible Peugeot 205CJ. According to Peugeot the 205 is the “model which saved the brand, and is (was) the standard bearer for a new generation. The first model was produced on 24 February 1983 in Mulhouse, and the vehicle ended up being sold on every continent, in over 120 countries. In 1986 and 1987, it was not only the highest-selling car in France, but was also the biggest export success. ” Looks pretty cool for a mass production utility car I think.
At Car Survey.org … “Peugeot’s classic Pininfarina supermini was way ahead of its time when launched in 1983 and still looked good in 1996 when the last ones were sold. Great handling and ride are its main selling points although they can be fragile if not looked after properly. The very fast 1.9 GTi was arguably the best “Hot Hatch” of the 1980’s. It’s sharper and cheaper than it’s main rival, the Volkswagen Golf.”
I should have left a note offering to buy it. With a gas mask (for when the hood is down) it is a fun little car to have in Taiwan.
Peugeot 205CJ

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