It seems I never learn.

I worked at home Friday to do some concentrated effort on a couple projects. I find it difficult to gain any focus in the office for tasks that actually require me to think creatively. Too many phones ringing all the time, at desk meetings, chit chat, and interruptions. Sometimes quiet and solitude are needed to which my home office these days is ideally suited especially since it has a more reliable and faster network. But working from home is definitely frowned upon because then everyone would want to do it and then who knows what might happen.
Well lately I’m swamped with work and dealing with one of those down periods that I go through periodically. It used to happen in January when I lived in Canada. In Taiwan it seems to be a constant threat. During these periods I often find it hard to get motivated, I’m listless, and certainly uninspired. The office is certainly not a place I find inspiration – not from the work lately anyway. So it’s with this I struggle and what suffers is time. Everything gets pushed back. So this weekend I am dealing with a Monday deadline, procrastinating by writing this very entry, and decided to take a drive on my scooter and drop into work to get started.
That is except that there is no power.
I have never seen a building that has the power problems that this does. I get the impression that every few months something goes awry and they have go and do a ton of work thereby shutting the place down. My house seems fine, can’t they scale this philosophy of ‘it was designed to work’. In every instance I swear it has happened when I needed to go to the office. Of course I never know when it happens. The Intranet, though pretty, is rather useless (and they stole content and photographs from a site of mine on one part of the site!). I never seem to learn. Here I was stumbling in the dark, I work in a basement pit, looking for a way down to my office. Though there was no power all I truly needed were some notes I made. I finally arrive without falling and breaking my neck, there are no working safety lights, and get to my office door and realise that the locks have been changed. I wasn’t issued new ones.
Just now checking my mail, a system that is surprisingly still working, I tried to retrieve a large file that was posted on a webftp server. Alas that system does seem to be down as I all I get is an internal server error.
And people wonder why I have become more of a pessimist. Some days things don’t go quite as planned.