Life in Taiwan 3

Hsinchu small. Taipei big.
I went to Taipei yesterday to visit the Free Time Gears store at the big Eslite building on Dunhua and the store on Roosevelt. There is one here in Hsinchu at the Sogo but it has very little selection. I managed to spend more money than I have … again. But at at least I got some proper gear for the short trek in northern Thailand next month. Some cool quick drying pants and coolmax apparel. I’ll have to break it in next weekend so as not look too much like a tourist. Anyway the trip to Taipei took and unbelievable 1hr 45mins. The traffic was crazy. But what was hard to believe was the amount of people in Taipei. I couldn’t get over the shear density of bodies. Living in Hsinchu for so long the only thing you have to adjust to is the parade of scooters – everyone has at least two – so it appears. I love and miss Taipei but if I ever return there to live, and I hope I do, it will certainly take time to re-adjust to the bumping and grinding of bodies as you walk from place to place.