Perfect Massage in Taipei

“Chung Shan N. Rd, Section 7, across the street from the Sizzler, before you reach Pizza Hut. There’s a place on the corner of that alley, on Chung Shan, which looks sort of like a tea shop at first glance, until you see the feet massage benches inside. They have rooms downstairs for body massages. $1500+. #15 was the set of hands which worked on me.”

Corbett claims to have found the perfect set of hands in a visit to a massage parlour in Tien-mu.

Is it ok to say parlour I wonder? It conjures up images in my mind of busty women in pink teddies smoking cigarettes and asking you if you want the ‘special treatment’. Not that I know from experience mind you.

As Corbett explains finding a good massage in Taiwan is a hit or miss proposition. I have theories as to why this might be but I think I should keep it to myself. I can’t say I have ever enjoyed the experience whenever I have tried and gave up looking for a good spot over a year ago. Well with his recommendation and my love of massage it just might be worth a drive to Tien-mu. I’ll skip the foot massage though. I just can’t handle that.

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