Sleep or the lack there of has become a big issue for me. Since I keep coming to work with larger and blacker bags under my eyes people have started to notice. They ask if I am under a lot of stress and if everything is ok. I’m not entirely sure why I don’t get enough sleep. It has nothing to do with pressure or too much work. I am used to dealing with stress and I always go to bed by midnight (well almost always). The answer eludes me. One thing I have come to realise is that sleeping alone is more conductive to a restful night than sleeping with someone else. But that is not a long term solution – one mustn’t be rude. I am looking at perhaps a new bed. Perhaps one like this but in a king size. I think one should be able to play touch football in your bed with three other people. Those undersized queens just won’t do for that. Maybe it is simply time to start drinking myself unconscious every night except that that would bring up other issues. I’d like to try having sex with 6 different swimsuit models every night but then there would be that problem of sleeping afterwards – I mean what if they all snored.
I guess I’ll keep tryinng to figure out a solution.