Taipei Zoo via Highway 3

The Taipei Zoo is one of my daughter Catrionas favourite places to spend the better part of a day – I think she would go everyday. But as good as the Taipei Zoo is, if you are going to spend time over lunch there, take a lunch with you, as the food in the zoo must be the worst Taipei has to offer.
Up until recently we have been taking highway 1 from Hsinchu to Taipei and then trudging our way through the city until we eventually made our way to the zoo. I have no idea why we didn’t try highway 3 in the past but it makes getting to the zoo far more enjoyable and it’s quicker to boot. Just keep going north in the direction of the Muzha exit and you will eventually see the signs. Unlike most way finding systems in Taiwan I had no trouble finding the right exit to the zoo. If you are travelling with children one of the added bonuses of taking this route are the tunnels. Lots and lots of long tunnels. It makes for some fun games in the car. Highway 3 is a great way to get to the zoo.