“They’re Getting Their Shift Together”

I’m not a big consumer of TV and as far as I can remember have never subscribed to cable. We do have Netflix, Disney and Prime by default, and find ourselves many nights with an hour to watch something that we can all agree to. Lately I’ve grown tired of many stories taking a turn towards increasing darkness, and though I appreciate their painted vision of the world, have been looking for something that doesn’t remind me of what hopefully will never be (Sweet Tooth as an example, though imaginative, hits a little to close to home).

As a lark we watched Super Store on Netflix a while back and have been watching it most nights ever since. It’s stupid, many times inappropriate, but forces a couple eye rolls and laughs each night. It creates a better state of mind before bed than so much else that we have been watching.

Until now, I seem to have been the only person in our family to not watch sitcoms. Camren is an expert in Brooklyn Nine Nine, and Sheryl watches all manner of things. Catriona never watches TV but whatever she reads must be humorous as she is often heard laughing out loud.