Historical result for the wrong reasons

I would have bet money years ago that Bush would remain in power. This conviction came not because he is a great leader or possesses a brilliant mind but simply because the people who brought him to power completely control the framework of debate. These people could bring anyone to power. Bush has been derided for his lack of intelligence and experience from the beginning. His language, geared towards those with less than high school education, was deliberate – not only superficial and easy to understand – it’s almost comforting in it’s simplicity. It among other things, outside of the issues, obviously struck a chord with the American populace.
This election is an absolutely amazing phenomena. Such almost religious conviction surrounding a political party. This man can do no wrong. It’s hard to say exactly what this says about the majority of Americans. Does this mean that Americans support mobilising a gigantic war machine to invade a country at their leaders whim? Anyone who would give the war a moments thought would realise that the reasons for invading Iraq all proved wrong and many were outright lies. Is that ok for the American people? It’s all rather astounding.
Even if the world survives another four years of George Bush I’m afraid that the precedents started with him now will have an irrevocable effect on their country and the world for years to come. The lines separating corporate, theocratic, and political government has blurred and bleed. The decline of a great country may well have begun.