Automated music critic

Looking for a second opinion on my previous recommendation of The Bad Plus? Look no further than the Automated Music Critic for a review of this band and of your favourites. Here is the review I got for The Bad Plus:
“What do I think about These Are The Vistas by The Bad Plus? I don’t think you are going to like this…
The chorus of Smells Like Teen Spirit will haunt me for years to come, sounding as it does like a drunk, urine soaked, pus stained tramp’s idea of a catchy tune that people will donate all their spare change to stop hearing. If you’ve just bought These Are The Vistas, take my advice and get a big black marker and scrawl all over track five, 1972 Bronze Medalist *before* you play it. If you’ve already played it, you no doubt know all about the gentle sound of a boil on backside of Black Lace’s back catalogue it produces from your speakers. The sound of the little ticking noise that maggots make as they feed is nothing compared to the dire Heart Of Glass.
Silence Is The Question reminds me of a coked-up Andrew Lloyd-Webber writing a never-ending stream of musical obscenities dribbling through my ears and out onto the carpet. I wish it wouldn’t.
In fact, I’m scared The Bad Plus will reproduce and foist a new generation of crud on us.”
Link: Automated Music Critic