10 Tips for Making Time-outs Work

Parenting Ideas has an excellent article detailing some tips for making time-outs work. It’s a technique we use with some success. I wrote about this in “Time-outs: How to make them work” back in March when I found a few articles supporting different points of view. It’s surprisingly controversial.
In the off-chance you are unfamiliar, the wikipedia describes Time-outs as the following: “A time-out is an educational (mainly parenting) technique recommended by many pediatrists and developmental psychologists as an alternative to spanking and other traditional forms of discipline. In brief, the idea is to keep the child isolated for a limited period of time, intended to allow it to calm down, learn coping skills and discourage inappropriate behavior. It is also a time for parents to separate feelings of anger toward the child for their behavior and develop a plan for discipline”
10 Tips for Making Time-outs Work – Parenting Ideas

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