Parenting guru says best gift is kids who eat and sleep well

sleepbook.jpg“Roses and breakfast in bed may be a classic Mother’s Day gift, but parenting guru Ann Douglas says what moms really want is children who eat and sleep well.
Douglas says her new books – Sleep Solutions for your Baby, Toddler and Preschooler, and Mealtime Solutions for your Baby, Toddler and Preschooler – came about after interviews with “a gazillion” frustrated parents. One stressed-out woman asked Douglas to “please not write another book that is going to make parents feel guilty.”
Eating and sleeping – those basic tenets of life that we parents always fret over. It always amazes me just how many children in Taiwan live on so little sleep. I can be out late at night and still see families out with their children. It seems that literally Taiwan is full of people who refuse (or cannot) to get a good nights sleep. The result in parents is what you might expect but the effect on children is more profound. You have a nation of children sleeping their time away in classrooms, short attention spans, and aggressive behaviour. I’m generalizing but it’s not far from the truth.
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