An Island Moment Part 2

Back in July 2019, I wrote about what was perhaps the best personification of a healthcare system that worked. I use this example a lot when I mention in conversation about how things should work here, and though it’s a mix of private and public care, I am thankful for it.

Today I get to share the other end of the scale.

Lately, I have noticed that the text on my computer screen is not as crisp as it once was, so I thought I should update my eyeglass prescription. I found it hard to believe that my eyesight could deteriorate in a couple of years, but Sheryl was complaining about the same, and well, middle age.

Being busy, I put off the appointment until today, and it seems Dr. Catherine Arsenault has saved the day again—although perhaps too late.

During my last visit less than two years ago, she mentioned that the pressure in my left eye, where I had trouble before, was rising, and it was best to see Dr. Elaraoud again for care. His office was supposed to call, but they never did. And, being busy and not realizing the importance, I didn’t call Dr. Arsenault back to check on the referral. I guess with a new prescription, feeling well, and not suffering from any effects, I let it slip by.

As a result, there is some irreversible damage to the nerves in my left eye.

I started to get angry and mentioned that I could fly elsewhere for care, including the US, if necessary. She assured me that Dr. Elaraoud’s office would indeed call this time. Quickly, I calmed myself down as I realized that it was on me to take matters of my health more seriously, not a dysfunctional health system.

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