Kudos to Silver Streams Restaurant

Last week was Camren’s 14th birthday, and keeping with tradition there was a pancake breakfast replete with balloons and a later dinner out at a restaurant of his choosing. Our weekday evenings are full of activities, so the dinner part of the day had to be delayed. One part of our birthday tradition that was missing was the Daddy Cake. Camren elected to have cheesecake, surprisingly difficult to find in Charlottetown, instead of the monstrosity that I would create.

His choice for dinner was Silver Streams near the 1911 jail. With all the decent Asian style restaurants in Charlottetown, it’s hard to understand why this place has become his favourite, but it has, and so off we went.

Their buffet is about what you would expect, but I managed to find more protein than starch for my plate, and the sweet and sour chicken balls reminded me of the Chinese food we would have when I was Camren’s age.

The staff were new, I believe the restaurant has new owners, and were friendly and kept the food fresh.

At one point Camren coughed, he has a cold, and an older couple looked at him with a look of horror on their face for seemingly a long period of time. Hopefully it wasn’t a sign of early Covid-19 hysteria. This I believe led to a conversation as to how Sheryl was pregnant during the SARS outbreak and how that has changed our habits since.

As we were leaving I asked Catriona to mention in Chinese that it was Camren’s birthday and they graciously gifted his meal. An unadvertised special.