Montague Post Office Woes

A week or more ago, I ordered a couple of bags of what I thought might be some lovely-tasting Geisha from Vancouver and gave them my home address to ship to.

I’ve been doing this all the time lately, especially from Amazon, as we get packages shipped very quickly to our door—quicker than we did in Stratford. Sending them to our Montague PO Box can add 2 weeks to delivery. I didn’t realize just how slow they were until we tried ordering a box, and it showed up 2 days later.

Most roasters ship straight to our door, so I didn’t give it much thought. Except it seems this roaster uses regular Canada Post, which, when they received the box without a PO Box number in Montague, immediately sent it back to the sender (or maybe they are enjoying my coffee in the back room). What a waste!

The people who work there are generally very nice, but the whole system is a joke.