my Aunt Mary

I am beginning to feel like my Aunt Mary. Whenever I visit home, which is only once every year or so, my Mother always comments about how I am just like my Aunt. Of course she is an Aunt from my Fathers side. Aunt Mary is getting on in age and always complains/whines that she has so much work to do but no time to do it. Well thats how I feel except I don’t want to do more work I want to actually go out and enjoy life. So my complaint is that I have no time to do the things I really enjoy. But like my Aunt Mary I have no idea where the time goes. Is it ok to still want to have fun at 34 or should I content myself with toiling all day and night?
I would like to buy Sam Brown’s Exploding Dog book. Wonderful illustrations. It will certainly make my coffee table look all the more interesting.