Not Pining for Pine

The Confederation Court Mall Food Court is becoming my Island office as I make use of their open wifi set-up here. I’m appreciating this more and more as the days go by here. Someone deserves kudos for setting this network up.
I’m spending my time at the family cottage which while not off the grid is about as remote as I have been in these past couple years. No high speed data and thankfully no TV. It’s wonderful to unplug if only for a short stretch at a time.
I did during the past few days manage to get a dial-up account with ISN, this on a promise for my mother, Connie, that I would have her new MacBook set-up before I left for Nova Scotia and Taiwan. Unfortunately it’s completely unusable. I’ve resorted to using Pine to check email which is somewhat better than attempting to load Gmail and certainly a fun trip down memory lane. I can’t imagine Connie investing in satellite service or paying the cable company to run a line for the road.
Maybe she too will have to resort to using Pine and a feed reader over the summer.