Size doesn’t kill large organisations

Clement Mok has been an influential design leader on the American scene for years. His self titled web site’s career section is an interesting presentation for an impressive career but it’s his thoughts on his time as founder of studio archetype which seems quite poignant to me now. I have included most of it here:
“… One often assumes size kills creative organization and that nothing good ever comes out of a large organization. I think this is more a myth of practitioners’ own making than the truth.
… One can experience great personal satisfaction in a large design firm just as one can easily be miserable in a small firm doing lousy work. I’ve learned that size is not the enemy; it’s the lack of vision that drains the life blood out of a design organization. The difference between a great or a lousy organization has to do with the rigor the core values of design are reinforced and the opportunity one has to do impactful and challenging work. More importantly, it’s about having trust in the leadership to do the right thing.
The explosive growth Studio Archetype experienced in the three short year of its existence was just such a place. Great people, great clients, great projects and long, long, long hours. It was not without its flaws and challenges but it was a place where one was asked to stretch and take on responsibilities.”