My Stream of Consciousness

While I am certainly my own worst critic it sometimes takes the criticism of others to spur me into action. My last podcast met some fairly accurate and blunt comments which have resulted in me pulling the original file and rerecording the topic.
I’m not sure that it will address the criticism that I lack enthusiasm as I tend to be fairly laid back with a rather lazy sounding voice. My slowness in speaking is a practiced trait as I often need to talk to people who speak English as a second language. They hate when I get excited and start speaking quickly. They also make up a portion of my audience here. If that offends then it’s perhaps best to not listen.
Also, I am quite aware of the display problems that occur when viewing this site in IE on a PC. My last minor changes to this site seem to wreak havoc. I should have tested it again to save myself the embarrassment when I view the site with someone late last week. It’s not the point but I don’t know how anyone can view text online for any great length of time with a PC. The text on this site, I am using Georgia as my serif, looks like absolute garbage even with the lame aliasing option turned on (which is buried deep in the Windows OS). No wonder I still see so many offices continuing to print out “readables” even though they have high resolution displays. I’m working on cleaning up this and a number of other issues on the site.

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