Gmail invites

For the longest time using a web application as your primary means of accessing e-mail was certain to be an experience full of frustration. I could never understand why people used them; they are slow, full of ads, difficult to manage, and especially with Hotmail customer adverse. When dealing with large volumes of e-mail client software always wins hands down. That is until Gmail.
While I still use Apple Mail, at least for now, Gmail is in many respects superior. I find it faster in almost every regard and especially so when searching (makes some sense since it’s google). Ask Apple mail to find a search term and it grinds to an almost standstill on my powerbook. Gmail handles the same request with ease.
The point of mentioning this, beyond a bit of praise for Google, is that like everyone else with a Gmail account, I have invites. About 50 more invites than I have friends. If your interested in an invite send me a note at kelake at