MP3 Sushi Server v1.4.1

I downloaded this software and have been using non stop since. Seldom does software create as much joy so simply as this MP3 server/jukebox. The developers describe it as, “MP3 Sushi is a set of two applications: MP3 Sushi Server and MP3 Buddies. MP3 Sushi Server allows you to turn your Mac into a Jukebox or a Radio broadcast station in a few clicks. It’s a cool way to share and stream your music among a local network or the Internet.” It is without a doubt a wonderful compliment to iTunes, even if you don’t plan to broadcast over the Internet which you might hesitate doing unless you want a billion dollar lawsuit from the draconian RIAA. True random play of my entire MP3 collection makes for an eclectic listen.
More info: MP3 Sushi Server v1.4.1