Software Updates and Such

I’m spending about a day in total updating and installing software on my Macs. It’s a tedious task and one which no longer has the excitement that it used to. It’s certainly different from years ago when I waited excitedly over the next release of Netscape. The latest interface hacks for System 7 were pretty fun too. I don’t think I have installed anything fun in ages – except perhaps for Quinn which allows you to play Tetris over a Rendezvous network.
Yesterday afternoon included a visit from my favourite Mac consultant to get me up to speed on Adobe InDesign and print publishing workflow in general. My head is so into using screen interfaces I forgot that people still love publishing on paper. The people who read these publications must be quite rich as the prices of magazines in Taiwan are out of this world. At least the foreign ones, but then who wants to read the drivel they publish locally.

Installing PHP and MySQL on Mac OSX

This afternoon I am finally getting around to creating a development environment on my Powerbook – as luck would have it, some kind people have actually created regular OS X installer packages, all you need to do is double click the package and follow the on screen instructions.
First is the PHP5 package by Marc Liyanage which comes with a number of additional libraries. Otherwise their is MAMP. It’s basically Apache, PHP, MySQL & phpmyadmin rolled into a single install for OS X. MAMP does not modify any of the “normal” OS X (which includes Apache and PHP by default).

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