Tasks 2.0 where art thou

Ok. It just arrived – quickly after I sent a message via his contact form. I’ll edit the following text later.
I have been using the free-ware version of Tasks, a hierarchical, web-based personal task manager, for over a year now and despite some glitches I have been more than pleased. The developer Alex King released a far more polished multi-user version, TasksPro at a reasonable cost and later an update to the single-user version, Tasks 2.0. Having decided to purchase a Tasks 2.0 license I was looking forward to installing it over last weekend.
At this point I should be writing a glowing report about Tasks but alas despite having paid for the license last Friday I have yet to receive the download link. The form does say it may take up to 48 hrs to receive said information, why that is exactly we are not told, but after 96 hrs with nothing more than a confirmation of billing – no link. Sunday I even sent a polite e-mail to the developer asking if there was a problem. No reply from him.
There could be a logical explanation. I am using a Taiwan credit card which could cause problems due to either the ineptitude of the Taiwan bank or simply a longer than usual payment. I would assume the payment went through as no problems were mentioned on my receipt. The e-mail containing a link could have been caught as spam by the two spam filters I use but I supplied two e-mail addresses, one of which has no filter at all.
I have faith that this is just a slip-up, that this isn’t a story of lousy customer service nor yet another internet scam. The developer’s (Alex King) web site and software are excellently crafted but it’s these small details (answering e-mail and sending out paid for product on a timely basis) that can either make or break a good experience. How you handle these glitches can win or lose you a customer. It will be interesting see how this works out.