What happened to Flash?

I foolishly upgraded to Flash MX Professional 2004 like the corporate sponsored minion that I am and am suffering through my first flash project this year. What a pig this program has become. With a name conjured up from the Microsoft school of marketing and sluggish performance from the same school of programming I am kicking my ass for just deleting my older copy from my desktop. I am really glad I didn’t remove said license from my Powerbook. It’s not the fact that the software is so damn slow that bothers me, I am using a fairly recent G4, but its the removal of the ‘normal’ mode from the actionscripting interface that kills me. Yes, I admit, I have to learn some actionscript but I had come to rely on those helpful hints versus looking things up in a book. I hadn’t used the product enough to justify the time. Now with tight deadlines I’ll end up having to look up old code, what would have taken a second in MX becomes minutes in the new version with too long a title.

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