Plant-Me Pets

Now that the weather is warm, my daughter and I have been doing some planting in our garden. It’s not a real garden as this is Asia and space is limited but it’s what we have. I’ve been wanting to instill a bit of fun into the whole process now that the initial wonderment has worn off. I mentioned finding Nyokki plant pots a while back and they seem fun. It’s a bit hard to get them shipped here so we make our own. Plant-Me Pets are another great idea. They’re quirky creature sculptures made of natural latex rubber. The “eyes” are actual seeds (melon, tomato, and pumpkin seeds), and their “skin” is soft and pliable. You can squeeze their bodies and they’ll squeak. Likely I can’t import these here but they do look like allot of fun even if they weren’t originally meant for kids (they look a little “evil”). $20.00US at Branch.