Gerard Unger’s typeface designs

Gerard Unger typeface designer of Swift (1985), Amerigo (1986), Flora (1984), and Gulliver (1993) (the typeface used in USA Today) has produced a Web site that is a wealth of information on type design in general and his own designs in particular.
From an interview at
“Type design serves the reader not only in good legibility but also in recognising certain objects. Typefaces offer orientation and identification. When you see information spread around the globe it becomes almost a world in itself. You have to find your way in the information world and typefaces give identity to objects, books, magazines, record covers. It helps people orient themselves if books look like books.
Typography has thrived since the introduction of typesetting technologies. It has evolved with the changing times and adapted to newer technologies. There are many type designers who have made a significant impact in the field of design and graphic activities. Gerard Unger is one such luminary from the world of typography.”
Link: Gerard Unger