Lifes Embarrassing Moments

Yesterday seems to be a flash back to the past. In the not so distant past I was a terrible student. I lacked discipline and focused my energies on the learning that gave me the most pleasure. I worked hard then but seemed to have little regard for the consequences of my actions. Yesterday was a mid term for a silly little c programming class that I am taking as part of my graduate studies. I am sure that I failed. I am sure everyone else passed. Unlike in Canada, there is no comradery in my failure as all Taiwan students are completely professional in their studies. I don’t think anyone has ever done poorly. Of course I have certain challenges that make things more difficult and my study time seems to be nill but in the end, as many mothers would say, I have only myself to blame. My mother used to always tell me, “Its time to get your nose to the grind stone”. Rather painful analogy but I agree. It’s time to regain face.