Shear Idiocy

The shear idiocy of some online advertisers escapes me. How can they be so f****** stupid. I clicked on a url this afternoon to check out a persons site and was taken to a indescript “portal” page whereby I was bombarded by pop-up ads. Now I am quite accustomed to this form of rude invasion but what happened next is something new to me (outside the realm of those other idiots – porn ads). Once I did the obligatory click to close the ad pop-up another pop-up spawns, closes all my other open browser windows, and then centers itself in the middle of my screen. As well it kept an “invisible” browser window open which is probably performing some kind of tracking or was readying another ad barrage.

Now what person in their right mind is going to postively respond to this kind of ad. And can’t these no mind losers who create these pop-ups get it through their thick skull that it doesn’t work? If I had the time and skill I’d track down the creator of this particlular rudeness and make her/his online life miserable. <\anger>