When is there time for fun?

During my Chinese class last night we practiced a simple conversation about what we liked to do on the weekend. Many of my classmates responded with the typical answers like, ” playing tennis, going to Taipei to go clubbing, listening to music, and sleeping”. When it came to my turn I was at a loss for words, not because I had trouble with the language but because I don’t do anything. All it seems that I do is work or at least what used to be fun I consider laborious and boring.

I seem to remember when I lived in Canada this simple concept that we I think inherited from the Americans, whereby you work five days a week and play for two. Friday night was night out. Saturday was for recovering from Friday night, some fun, and perhaps household chores. Sunday was for family, God, and sleep. Working on anything else on Sunday was a big cultural taboo. This simple concept seems to have disappeared from my life.

Now its not because I have been busy these past few years. I have. But there