New shoes: Salomon S-Lab Sonic 2’s

The sports industry heavily promotes the notion that you should regularly replace your running shoes in an effort to avoid injury.

My Saucony’s recently reached the 1000km mark and as such I was due to for a replacement. Of all the running shoes I have had these past few years, my Salomon Fellraiser’s always seemed to have the best fit. I love how they grab my foot around the arches while still providing for a generous toe box. Salomon’s are a bit challenging to find, especially with road running not being their product focus, so each time I went to change shoes they were no where to be found. Luckily they opened a small specialty shop in Big City, so tried on and bought a pair of Salomon S-Lab Sonic 2’s. I’ve had them out for a few runs and they are working out well. I’m a hobbiest, and run as much for my mind as my body. With that in mind here a few impressions:


  • Beautiful looking shoe. Not a consideration but a nice bonus, especially when they are worn out and are relegated to casual wear.
  • Some reviews I read complained about the mesh wearing quickly. If they are half as solid as my Fellraiser’s I will be very pleased; they are a very solid shoe.
  • Good solid fit with good support in the heel. They are a lighter shoe and not as stiff as the Fellraiser.

  • Laces are very annoying. Standard knots will not do, as they easily come undone mid-run.
  • Feel minimalist and don’t offer a lot of cushioning. Coming from Hoka One One’s and my Saucony’s these take some getting used to over longer distances.
  • Products like this are always more expensive in Taiwan and seldom have markdowns but even without the Taiwan mark-up they are way too pricey.