Collaboration, Twitter, and browser CLI’s [bits]

How to Avoid Collaboration Traps, Create Unity and Get Results
From the book: “Leaders have to infuse this discipline principle throughout the company so that people do not collaborate for the sake of collaboration but are able to say no to collaboration projects of questionable value. To be disciplined about collaboration is to know when not to collaborate”. A review of a book I was interested in.
How to Demo Twitter
Guy Kawasaki: “One of the great challenges for anyone who loves Twitter is to show other people why they should love it too. Often it’s like explaining something you find funny: “You had to be there.” The contextual, ever-changing, and high-volume nature of Twitter makes explaining it difficult. Here are ten tips to help you demo Twitter to your friends, family, and colleagues”.
How to Hack Together a Twitter Client
From Guy Kawasaki again (or a ghost writer): “Sometimes you can make do with what’s available. Take, for example, Twitter clients. Until someone creates my fantasy Twitter client, I am using an application that doesn’t have “Tw” anywhere in its name or heritage. It’s called NetNewsWire”.
The Web Browser Address Bar is the New Command Line
Jeff Atwood focuses on the ways that modern browsers such as Chrome allow you to type Google queries directly in the location field, which allows for classic command-line style commands.

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